Saturday, September 1, 2012

I use to do a Monthly Favorites blog/vlog for my beauty channel and blog back when I use to do that stuff and I haven't really done one since then. I sort of miss it. There's something about re-capping on a month that  makes me feel so accomplished. So I thought why not do one for this blog? Besides stating my favorite books for that month, I thought I'd add other favorite life things. It'll be fun! 

If you want to join and tell me your favorite things this month, please do! I would really like to know (:

Favorite Book
My favorite book for this month would be Yours Truly by Kirsty Greenwood and I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella! I've been really into british chick-lit since reading Yours Truly. Both of these reads were really cute!

Favorite Movie
My favorite movie I've seen this month would probably have to be Crazy Stupid Love. Seeing Ryan Goosling playing a role other than Noah from The Notebook was strange but I totally love how swaggy he was in this movie lol!

Favorite Song
My favorite song this month would have to be As Long As You Love Me by Justin Beiber, Somebody That I Use To Know by Gotye, Kimbra and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift :P

Favorite Food
My favorite food for this month would be a veggie burrito bowl (Enchilada Style) from High Tech Burrito. Unfortunately this is the one food I inhale before taking a picture. I know, what kind of food obsessed person am I?! I'll take a picture next time and tweet it!

Favorite Snack
Favorite snack for this month would be Berry Capt'n Crunch on the go packs! And Jelly Belly Dark Chocolate Orange Slices!

Favorite Drink
Favorite drink this month would be Mango Venom Energy Drinks (which are SO hard to find)!

As you can see we're a little obsessed here. The most we've had on the table was 6 cans lol.

Favorite thing
Would it be cheating to say that these three cute little faces have been my favorite thing this month?

Kittens can be such a handful but they're so entertaining! They also have three very very different personalities. Cham-Cham (top) is my little cat-dog. She follows me around, begs for food, talks, is super curious about everything and chases her tail :P Snow (left) is the oldest/biggest and she's sort of like the protector. She plays with them sometimes, but mostly just watches. She's always there following me when I'm super stressed out just staring at me lol. And Choco-Cat (right) is the youngest/smallest and she's sometimes left in the dust. She's very needy and likes to rub on everything


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