Welcome to my book blog! I'm honored you're curious to know more about me :). I'm Marie (I'm sure the blog name gave that away!), I'm in my mid-twenties and I recently got married to my best friend (as in, just last December)! I'm also currently a college student majoring in Communications and Marketing.

Reading has always been a huge part of my life, I've been reading since I was bout 3 or 4. I guess I get it from my mama! Who's also a big bookworm. I guess watching her spend all those hours reading rubbed off on me! I think I was the only girl in my middle/high school who actually went to the mall to buy books and not clothes (who remembers Walden Books? Oh how I miss that place)! I'm lucky enough to have a husband who not only supports my love for sitting around and reading books all day but encourages me to finish books I start and to write reviews about them! I mostly enjoy reading young adult, romance, historical fiction, memoirs and erotica!

Another one of my passions is writing. I've been blogging since '99 on various sites like opendiary, Xanga, LiveJournal, Blurty, GreatestJournal, DeadJournal, Vox... I recently came back to Blogger and I run a few blogs that are self hosted with WordPress. I hope to someday publish my own book. But I must first figure out what I want it to be about! I have a million stories to tell, deciding which one gets told first is the hard part!

Other than reading and blogging I enjoy a ton of other things too (sometimes I think too many things); I enjoy photography, shopping, cleaning (yes! I enjoy cleaning), making lists (I believe you can never been too organized), baking, watching The Food Network, I like studying History and Astrology, laying on my floor and staring at the ceiling while listening to music, chasing my dog and cat around the house, I love grocery stores, finding new restaurants to eat at, walking around San Francisco, traveling, eating ice cream, kickboxing, watching Wicked the Musical (it's a serious obsession I have) and anything having to do with Disney or Disneyland!

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