Friday, September 30, 2011

Banned Book Week, yay! 

A week every year that we focus on books that have either been challenged or banned. Last year I was really into it and gave away 3 books. Last year we all did SPEAK LOUDLY and I still believe in that. I wish I had more time to hold another giveaway this year or to read more challenged books, but this year life got in the way. I am however, giving in and reading Harry Potter because I haven't (but I've been to Harry Potter World and loved it) and what better time than now to do it?

I appreciate that these days a lot of books in the Young Adult genre are things that are controversial and subjects that weren't always talked about. I'd like to think that the Young Adult genre is becoming more open minded about subjects. But of course, not everyone is going to share this opinion. Unfortunately there are still some people that think that some subjects shouldn't be talked about, shouldn't be discussed. That if we just ignore it, it'll somehow prevent it from happening. And that's not true. I think that if it's ignored, it is more likely to happen and not only will those victims feel lost but they will have nowhere to turn. 

So in honor of Banned Book Week, enjoy the freedom to SPEAK LOUDLY and the freedom to read whatever you want!


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