Monday, August 13, 2012

Easy A
Released: September 17th, 2010
Studio: Sony Pictures
Run Time: 92 mins
Summary (Amazon):
In this charming, critically acclaimed tale of rumors and reputation, Olive (Emma Stone), an average high school student, sees her below-the-radar existence turn around overnight once she decides to use the school's gossip grapevine to advance her social standing. Now her classmates (Amanda Bynes, Aly Michalka) are turning against her and the school board is becoming concerned, including her favorite teacher (Thomas Haden Church) and the distracted guidance counselor (Lisa Kudrow). With the support of her hilariously idiosyncratic parents (Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson) and a little help from a long-time crush (Penn Badgley), Olive attempts to take on her notorious new identity and crush the rumor mill once and for all.

Easy A is a movie I remember hearing A LOT of buzz about back when it was released. But since I'm not big on movies, I never really gave it a try. It wasn't until recently when hubby was looking up movies for us to watch that he remembered he wanted to see it that he put it on our list. Also, we were curious to know what all this hype about Emma Stone was.

Olive is in a really weird situation with her friend and lies about losing her virginity. Which isn't a big deal right? One little lie to one friend. Until the whole school knows about it. The weird thing I found in this movie was the guy who totally guilted her into saying she slept with him to gain popularity. I don't know about you guys but I would never feel that guilty to do that for someone. Sure he could had went off and said it happened anyway without her consent but in the end at least she would had known it wasn't true. And this begins Olive's downward spiral.

I can see why at the time this would had been a good idea. I guess. Maybe. Okay maybe not but on the flip side, it could be a really really awful idea. Especially if you're still in high school! I mean come on! And on top of that you have a pretty dominating religious group of students (did anyone else think they were weird, in general)? Bad idea Olive. Bad bad idea! The guys who she made these deals with were really shitty people and didn't deserve her time and on the other hand, how lame do you have to be to pay someone off to pretend you slept with her? I mean, does no one think that this is sort of doesn't make sense? 

Also, this was the classic outcome of how it's okay for guys to go around saying they slept with someone but girls get the shitty end of the stick. I mean, she wasn't really denying/fighting it off but still. She could had at least... I don't know... told people to back off? Telling people to back off is different from denying it (if that's what she was avoiding).

I liked Olive. She was fiesty and she was funny and she endured a lot for such a shitty thing. I really liked the bond her and her family had, I'm sure I would have grown up better if I had been raised in a family like that. Also, Todd? What a really sweet guy. Sucks Olive kept brushing him off, he seemed to be really concerned for her through out the movie. Olive's friend  Rhiannon started the rumor? She could go play in traffic. What a bitch. Marianne? Yeah she can join Rhiannon!

The cast of characters surprised me -- Penn Badgley, Lisa Kudrow, Cam Gigandet?! Why did no one mention this to me before?! I'm a huge sucker for Cam, even if he didn't have that many talking parts (and none required him to take his shirt off).

Easy A was an entertaining movie that had a really sweet outcome. I don't get the whole hype behind it, but I did enjoy it!

Olive: Don't you think it's strange that your boyfriend is 22 and still in high school?
Marianne: Not that it's any of your business, trollop, but he is here by choice.
Olive: So it's his choice that he's a fourth year senior that can't pass any test he takes?
Marianne: No silly *points up* His. His, with a capital H. If God wanted him to graduate then God would have given him the right answers.
Olive: *laughs* I'm sorry, but, you gotta be shittin me woman.

Woodchuck Todd: *in Woodchuck costume carrying head* Hey Olive.
Olive: Oh my god! The illusion is shattered! This is exactly why they put you in the gas chamber if you take your head off at Disney World.
Woodchuck Todd: Actually I think they just, you know, fire you. You're thinking of Disneyland. Disney World is much more liberal. 

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