Wednesday, September 15, 2010

*sad face*

So we had a two week break from school and we had a ton of homework to do, one was a team paper (at University of Phoenix, we're put into teams every class) and my husband and I were trying to contact our team member the whole two weeks. Well she didn't respond. So I posted a thread on our class forum, still, no response. Well she did respond the first day saying she was having problems opening the file but we never save it in anything but .doc... anyway, she finally responses... a few hours before class saying she still couldn't open the file. Keep in mind we had about 3 team papers to write and she just now decided to respond?! My husband, being frustrated, saved it in every format Word lets you and sent her every file. THEN! About an hour later she emails again saying that she's been dropped from our class. What in $*&$*&%#!!! I'm sure she knew sooner and didn't bother to tell us, UoP doesn't usually wait until the last minute to tell you these things. And it would explain why she didn't respond to us all break.

I don't think I really need to say more. 

The point of this blog wasn't to rant. But I just had to tell someone! I hate how I haven't been writing reviews (I guess this is still ranting, isn't it?) and I haven't had much time to read. And when I do, my husband wants me to play Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep with him. Not that I mind, I like playing games with him, but sometimes I just wanna read!! I'm figuring out some sort of stable review day thing so I don't feel like I'm so far behind all the time. Finishing two or three books a week shouldn't be that much of a challenge, I guess it's just finding time to read that is.

So... I applied for a program that would require me to move across the country for a few months and I'm very excited about this. I have my interview really really soon and I'm stressing over it a bit. I hope I get accepted, and if I don't... I would be lying if I said I wouldn't be crushed. My husband applied too, which I thought was cool, I didn't think he'd be interested in it too, but I guess he is lol. So, yes, wish me luck! I won't mention more until I know I'm accepted. But ahhh! I'm excited :)

Okay, off to take some headache medicine and read more of Ash by Melinda Lo. I like it so far, but I'm kinda confused lol. I'm hoping to make sense of it all soon, but it is really interesting!


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