Sunday, September 12, 2010

I forgot how I stumbled on this reading challenge, but I think it's interesting. I recently finished Matched by Ally Condie and I have to admit, I think I've found a new addiction. I didn't even know this was called Dystopia until I read Matched. I just referred to it as "that Equilibrium feel" lol.

I know I suck at challenges, but I can't help it, they're fun!

So this challenge runs from Oct 1st - Dec 19th and depending on which level you choose, determines how many books you'll read for this challenge.

I'm gonna go with LV2 on this one. Which means, I'm limited to only 2-4 novels. That seems do-able, right? Not trying to over do myself here! So the novel's I pick.... wait does Matched count? Lets say it doesn't just to be fair lol.

  • Delirium (Delirium #1) by Lauren Oliver
  • The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson
  • Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler
  • Wither (Chemical Garden #1) by Lauren DeStefano
  • Across the Universe by Beth Revis (if I can get my hands on a copy before the challenge ends!)
  • Bumped by Megan McCafferty
  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Yes, I'm using this challenge to encourage me to read The Hunger Games. Everyone's been saying I should and even my husband has been trying to get me to read it (and he doesn't even read) even though he hasn't read it, which is odd.

Update Nov 5th
So I finished The Hunger Games, my husband kept bugging me to read it and we're on Catching Fire now, so I'll replace The Hunger Games with it. And okay, I admit, I love The Hunger Games. I don't know why I didn't read it earlier! Thank you to everyone who suggested it!

I'm still trying to get my hands on a copy of Across The Universe, I'm starting to give up hope lol.

Interested in this challenge? Join us!


  1. Welcome aboard! Really hope you enjoy the challenge. You've got some fantastic books listed there!

  2. Yay! The Hunger Games! And if you don't get a hold of Across the Universe, you could always read...Catching Fire. :D

  3. hope you really like The Hunger Games! i love dystopian novels :)
    thanks for stopping by my blog, im following you back! :D

  4. I love dystopian, so I'm super excited about this challenge. I've read 4 of the 5 on your list - I'll be interested to see what you have to say about all of them!

  5. One point in favor of the Hunger Games is that it's a quick read (and I'm generally a slow reader, so that's saying something). I think the Hunger Games books are the only dystopian novels I've read so far (I'm generally more drawn to high fanstasy YA or paranormal), but I'm definitely intrigued by this sub-genre. Just got the Forest of Hands and Teeth last week so I'll be reading that soon :)

  6. I've read all of these books (except Across the Universe) and they are all FANTASTIC!!!!You're in for some great reading!

  7. The Hunger Games completely overwhelmed me when I read it. I hope that you really enjoy your experience reading it.

    You have great books on your list. I too would love to get to read Across the Universe!