Monday, November 10, 2014

So while avoiding The Mindy Project for as long as I can so I can just binge watch the whole next season I've been looking for something else to watch. That wasn't the Kardashians. Not that I'm done with them. Just that... I needed a break. And well this looked interesting.

And now. I'm hooked.

Team Matty or Team Jake?

Personally I'm Team Jake. I'm not down with guys who say they love you can care about you and all this other stuff in private and in public don't want to be seen with you making you feel like you're not good enough or your embarrassing or whatever. I love that Jake isn't afraid of what people think of him or that he's a dork in public or that he's such a nice guy and it doesn't hurt that he's adorable. Like seriously seriously adorable. I would had LOVED to date someone like Jake in high school. 

Besides Jake I think the second best character is Jenna's best friends T and Ming. Watching this show (which I am watching as I'm writing this entry...) makes me miss having girl bff's but I was never really great in that department and it never really worked out well and now that I'm older... this is starting to turn into a very personal blog post rather than a usual Media Monday blog post.

Let me just get done with Season 2 cause I can't seem to concetrate on anything else lol!

So. Are you Team Matty or Team Jake?


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