Monday, February 10, 2014

and books. can't forget the books!
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With February comes... Valentines Day. I have mixed feelings about this holiday --- on one end, I love how February comes with pinks, reds, warmer weather and love in the air but on the other end... well... I can't say I hate Valentines Day cause I kinda really don't. I never had a Valentine until I started dating my husband when I was 19 but I never really cared either, I mean I did at some point, like when the popular girls would get those Valentine Grams and you'd get nothing. But after awhile, I kinda just stopped caring. Besides I had some fantastic friends who were always there to shower me with hugs and love and my mom who always gets me flowers and candy.

Now that I'm married, well nothing has changed. My husband isn't super romantic or anything and he barely even remembers Valentines Day, if I'm being honest. Only difference now is that I don't have any friends and I'm far away from my mom.

So I guess I'll be cuddling up with a few of these books this year. Or Netflix. Or both. At the same time. #icantthinkofaproperhashtag

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

I know, I know, gag me. But if I'm being completely honest (which, I mean, why wouldn't I be) I think Noah and Allie are the perfect couple to represent love. They're mushy, they drifted away (or well Allie had a pretty fucked up mom to cause this "drift"), they came back together stronger than ever, they fight and they're just... Noah and Allie, like what more can I sayyyyy? They turn me into mush. Also, fun fact: my husband's favorite movie hands down is The Notebook while it's my favorite romance book. Ironic, right?

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

If you have not met Caroline and Simon yet... well you need to. They are one deliciously cute bundle of intense sexual tension. Seriously. They make the cutest friends and the hottest lovers. Plus, clearly Simon really knows how to give you a good night's sleep. Just sayin. 

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

I honestly can't have a list of romance reads without mentioning I've Got Your Number, let's be real here. One of the cutest British Chick-Lit books I've ever read. Poppy and Sam form this rather ridiculous friendship over a stolen phone and there's just something really mysterious and swoon-worthy about meeting someone under the most unpredictable circumstances. Not to mention the romance that follows! It's so innocent, slow moving and realistic. I seriously felt like I was standing there whole time watching these two and just hoping they would get together already!

Some Quiet Place by Kelsey Sutton

Oh how Elizabeth loves to torment Fear. And how Fear tries so hard to not only jump at the chance to taste her emotions but how he obviously fights so hard to hold back from protecting her. Stubborn Elizabeth! There was something electric in the moment she gave in and asked Fear for help, I felt like their friendship changed in that moment and I just needed to know more. While Some Quiet Place is hardly a happy book, I lovedddddddd the chemistry between Elizabeth and Fear.

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

Ah yes, I've saved the best for last. If you've been here awhile, I don't need to confess my undying love for this series. I tried to mix it up and think outside of my usual go to book recommendations. But let's talk Kami and Jared. There is a lot to say about these two and their weird, mixed up, obviously sexual tension filled friendship. Jared, quit being a jerk and Kami quit being so shy. JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY! The series finishes this year and I'm excited and scared to see how it will all end, and honestly I'm not ready to say goodbye to Jared. Even if he is a bit of a jerk right now. But could you imagine having an imaginary friend in your head your whole life and realizing... THIS PERSON IS REAL and STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU? But wait, you're in my head! Wtffffffffff is going on! And you're kinda cute. Heyyyyy. Uh yeah, just read it guys lol.

What are some of your favorite romantic reads?


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