Monday, January 27, 2014

I've been feeling a little down lately, I guess it's the weather. It's been pretty cold for Central Florida and while I know that we're in the colder months, it's just been so gloomy! It's been really playing with my emotions! That's for sure!

So I thought I'd write a post about movies I watch when I'm down.

13 Going On 30

I'm so glad this is back on Netflix streaming! I love this movie. It's such a trippy concept isn't it? What would you do if you woke up and suddenly you were 30? Your whole life, you don't remember a thing! I would definitely be spooked! Jenna handled herself pretty well for someone who couldn't remember their life!  And seeing her and Matty come together... *swooon* cutest thing ever!

Return to Oz

Ah, the sequel that didn't get much love... it's okay, I love you! This isn't really a happy or feel good movie but it's a movie that I grew up watching. It's actually kinda creepy, the beginning part anyway. It's like Ozma just appears and vanishes randomly. The concept is spooky and seeing her mist in the mirror? Yeah, spooky. And okay the Wheelers were pretty darn creepy too. Mombi didn't bother me too much ironically. The lady likes a variety of heads, what of it? lol


Friends With Benefits

Was anyone else super impressed with JT's performance in this movie like I was? I am a sucker for Mila. Her eyes! They always get me! There's so much humor and both Dylan and Jamie make an ass out of themselves so many times. The sarcasm, the wit, the idea of not falling in love. Oh and it takes places in New York. Come on! But beyond the romance and the sarcasm I feel like it's also about learning to trust other people after you've been burned so many times and how to react to family when you're not in the most ideal situations.


Do I talk about this movie too much on this blog? I can't help it! Looking back on it, it's such a cheesy movie. Just shut up Jonathan, you're making yourself look like an ass! But it's a movie that will stay with me foreverrrrrrrrrrrr. The idea of meeting someone randomly and never seeing them again then going to look for them years later? I mean, it's pretty romantic don't you think? And I'm one of those people who just love looking for answers (not my best trait)!

What's your go to movie when you're feeling down?


  1. It's funny that you mention Return to Oz because I looked it up the other day try to find it on Amazon or Netflix for instant watch. I think I saw it once but I don't remember! Either way, I want to see it because I have heard so much about it, good and bad.

    1. @Kara --- It use to be on Amazon for instant watch but I think they took it down... I ended up buying it on Kindle so I don't really know haha! It's a creepy movie but I love it! :)