Monday, January 6, 2014

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And on the sixth day of January she finally wrote a New Years blog postttttttttt...

So it's now 2014 and that is just crazy to think about! It feels like the older you get the faster the years just fly by you! I know I've been pretty absent on this blog... I've been pretty absent over on my other book blog too but I haven't read much since the holidays decided to just plow its way through! 

I don't have resolutions this year, I decided to go with the one little word theme some people are doing, you can find out more on that on my lifestyle blog here.

But I do have goals! Though they're not epic extreme ones, they're still things I'd like to tackle!

  • Read 25-30 books (which cuts my usual yearly goal in half... eep)
  • ... hope that the majority of these titles are coming from my NetGalley stack
  • Be more active
  • Come up with new content
  • Redo my About Me page
  • Remind myself I don't have to sign up for every blog tour
  • ... and I don't have to request every book on NetGalley
  • Communicate more

There's been a vast decline in my page views, obviously! Because I haven't been active and I do miss being here. So I will try my best this year to build this blog back up and to read more for fun. Cause I miss doing that too.

What are some of your blogging or lifestyle goals for 2014?


  1. Happy New Year, Marie!! Great goals---cheers to another great year of blogging! :D

    1. @Becky --- Happy New Year to you too!! :D