Monday, August 26, 2013

So who missed the VMA's last night? I hope I wasn't the only one! The cable isn't configured in my new place yet so, that sucks. I did search like crazy for the *NSYNC reuion and found it. All of it's one minute and thirty freakin seconds. What the heck? The most talked about moment on the VMA's and that's it?! I read an article about how "*NSYNC's brief come back is tearin' up fans hearts" and I honestly could not had put it in better words.

So here it is! 
As any other hardcore *NSYNC fan (I grew up in love with them and 98* in middle/high school), I was screaming "OMGOMGOMG" the whole performance and when it was over I felt like it left a lot of be desired. 
However, I'm not here to discuss pop culture or music on this blog but I mean, I'm just sayin'. One can only hope that this is the beginning of something we're all hoping will happen.
But in reality, this is not the generation of boy bands anymore. Sadly. 


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