Monday, August 20, 2012

The weather is dropping so thank goodness for that, I'm so over summer. Who's with me?! I'm excited that stores are now getting ready for the fall and Halloween! I see lots of crafting for Halloween in my future ;)! Hubby is watching Supernatural and it's sort of distracting me. Which is weird because this show light weight freaks me out!

  • This week has been super stressful. I was suppose to post a Books & Beauty post but I figure I'd just wait until next week instead.
  • I found the charger for my camera battery so yay! Better quality than my MacBook webcam! Which as been really bothering me. Now if only I could find a camera with HD and a non cluttered background. I know, never satisfied right?!
  • I also found the charger to hubby's 3DS, yay! Now I can play Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance!
  • The kittens are getting bigger! Cham-Cham has been following me around lately, especially inside every single bathroom in the house lol.
  • I need to catch up on my NetGalley and Vine reviews. I think I might have overwhelmed myself.
  • I finished Every Day last night and it was one of those books that give me strange dreams...
  • My blog needs a bit of updating and I really need to get on that!

There isn't much going on with me this week! What about you? How was your passed week/weekend or what do you have planned for this upcoming week?


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