Friday, June 15, 2012

The Secret Me Book by Rachel Kepster & Meg Leder
Release Date: April 1st, 2012 by Sourcebooks
Details: 208 pages, paperback
Genre: Young Adult > Non-Fiction > Workbook
Source: Publisher for review (Thank you Sourcebooks!)
Summary (Goodreads):
Discover what makes you, you...

What makes you tick and hum?
What quirks and habits are yours and yours alone?
who do you wish you could be?
who are you now?

The answers make up your "secret me," your soul's fingerprint.

Packed with creative and quirky prompts, ideas, and activities, The Secret Me Book gives you an inspiring way to get to know this core part of you.

Scribble thoughts, make lists, paste pictures, and doodle—all tapping into the real you.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Is there a movie that defines you?
What's your secret talent?

Here's your secret me book—it's time to celebrate what you're made of.

The Secret Me Book at first glance reminded me of those slam books kids had in the 90's. You know where you'd take a notebook and fill it with questions as the header and have your friends pick a number and write down their answers. Any of you guys ever have those? I use to be obsessed with them (then my obsession turned into my love of surveys during the AOL high school days. Maybe I'm a little more conceited then I give myself credit for... lol)!

But The Secret Me Book isn't exactly like that. It's a book with questions or a topic on top and you get the rest of the page to write in your answer or stick a picture or doodle, whatever the topic asks you to do. I'm personally a fan of books like this (ones that you don't have to feel bad about writing in and ones that give you freedom, because lets face it. A book telling you to write in it is a little bit liberating!), they get you to thinking about who you are and what you want. Digging up secrets and memories. And sometimes it's healthy to do those things. To remind yourself of who you are and what direction you want to go in life. I also think that some of the topics/questions make for good blog posts :P

I know I don't really review books like The Secret Me Book on this blog, but there's a secret about me, I'm a sucker for books like this!

I would also recommend this book to a high school student, I know I would had appreciated something like this in high school myself. Reminding yourself of your worth especially during those times can never really hurt (:

I'm going to share one of the topics/questions with you:

What’s that tattoo you’ve always wanted, even if you never get it? Draw potential designs (or phrases) here.

So since I was in the 8th grade (and MADLY IN LOVE WITH DRU HILL) I always wanted a dragon on my lower back. This was before I figured out about tramp stamps because the dragon would be horizontal and what better place to put him? Over the years the image of my dragon as changed, I would add small blue stars around one side and a pink breast cancer awareness hanging off his tail but I've always wanted a dragon. Problem is, I'm a baby when it comes to physical pain and my husband isn't a fan of tattoo's lol. 

Another tattoo I've wanted is the phrase "the world will not fall apart" around my right ankle.

And the last tattoo I want is a hidden Mickey tattoo! I haven't really decided where to put it where it would literally be hidden. Maybe behind my ear? Behind my shoulder? 

What are some tattoo's you've always wanted?


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