Monday, June 4, 2012

I haven't done a Media Monday post in awhile... honestly I don't really remember what I did do for them lol. So we'll just go with whatever I decide, yes? Yes.

So M and I have been catching up on a few shows (thanks to my sister in law who's letting use her Hulu+ account while she's in basic training lol) and New Girl is one of them. I was buying a few episodes on my Kindle Fire before that started to add up so I considered getting Hulu+ because they have New Girl and Once Upon a Time but then my sister in law passed her account over and there you go.

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I first discovered Zooey Deschanel on Tin Man, a Wizard of Oz re-telling mini series (which I need to finish) and I was drawn to her eyes. I love Zooey's silly sense of humor and how free spirited she is so when I heard she was coming out with her own TV show, uh, I'm so there!

So in case you don't know, New Girl is about Jess Day who moves in with three guys -- Nick, Schmidt and Winston. She also has a best friend named CeCe and she works as a teacher. She doesn't really seem to have any sort of grip in her life since her breakup with her boyfriend, who seemed like a douche any way.

I love this show. I love the situations, I love the humor, I love how CeCe always has a this bitch look on her face whenever Schmidt talks and I love scenes with Nick and Schmidt the most. Schmidt is a bit OCD and since I'm OCD, I relate to him a lot. Like I seriously want to high five the TV sometimes lol. Nick is just so awkward! It's adorable, in a really weird way. And he always makes these intense frowny faces haha. 

I'm really sad that I'm nearing the end of Season One and I'm trying to figure out what to watch instead of finishing the series. I was thinking either Downtown Abby or The Secret Circle. I'm not ready for Season One of New Girl to end! They totally need to get Season Two up there lol.

Do you watch New Girl? Who's your favorite character?


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