Monday, October 17, 2011

I don't have a review today, I haven't been running into much media lately but I have been replaying this particular song lately...

It reminds me or the AOL days. I spent a lot of time on AOL in high school, I still think the concept was pretty cool. You had everything you needed -- web browser, email, chat rooms, instant messaging... and I spent a lot of times in chat rooms. I made some really cool friends (that I'm honestly still really close friends with today) and had some really good times.

Winter and the holidays are around the corner and that's when I feel the biggest urges to play music like this (that were on my playlist in 2001 with Winamp, holla!) to remind me of all the cold nights I spent on AOL wrapped in my fleece blanket IM'ing and laughing the night away with my friends.

Do any of you have music that brings you back to times like that? What are they? :)


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