Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday everyone!

(Yes I'm using this as a "filler" for my lack of movie review today, don't judge me!)

I've been planning my come back and so far I've been able to fill the days (minus the movie review for today). I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, I think a 2 month break is long enough. Now the problem is... which book to read first?! Should I finish a book I started back home? Should I read the ones on my challenge list first? The ones for review? The ones for review and challenge list (that seems logical. Best idea ever)? 

Things here don't seem to slow down. They seem to get more and more and more hectic. I was deployed to a new location (well still same location but different area. Do you know how huge Downtown Disney is here at Disney World?! It's insane!) so that was stressful. I ended up loving the new location that after they un-deployed me, I asked to go back. I ended up being deployed again and now I hear they're keeping me? I'm not sure if that's 100% true just yet. I got excited cause my schedule made it sound like they were then one of my managers told me the person screwed up on everyone's schedule. Way to burst my bubble. But I'm sure I'm probably staying. 

It's Spring Break this week. I thought it was last week but no, it was just Mardi Gras. It was super busy and packed last week. I'd hate to see how busy it'll be this week. But hopefully after this week things start to slow down. I'm in desperate need of a massage.

Husband and I went to Epcot last week on our day off. They're having the Flower & Garden Festival right now. It's really nice. Besides the allergies part. Had Moscato in Italy (Epcot's Italy, not the actual country. If you don't know what Epcot is, it's a park that's part of Disney World that showcases different countries. It's really cool), finally figured out who Figment was and finally tried out Coral Reef (good food, but not sure if it was really worth it).

This week we're going to Boardwalk (haven't been there yet), Disney Quest (I work at the gift shop but I've never actually been to Disney Quest and I feel so unhelpful when people ask me what it is) then we're going to run errands. By bus. Cause that's always fun. Blah.

So yes, Spring has sprung and I'm hoping things will slow down so I can sit down and read without feeling like I have a million other things to get done.

I hope you all are doing fantastic!


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