Saturday, January 1, 2011

I love lists. And I love New Years! A new year, a new start! 2010 was good to me and I'm hoping 2011 will be the same! I was thinking of just sharing my blogging resolutions but I figured I'd share my life ones as well, it goes along with one of my resolutions nicely :)

Blogging Resolutions

  • Don't beat yourself up if you can't post a review 2-3 times a week. The world will not end despite what you're thinking!
  • Write reviews as soon as you finish a book or at least notes somewhere! Don't wait days or weeks before you write them!
  • Be more involved on the blog. Start discussion posts, author/character interviews and things about YOU. It doesn't have to be just reviews and IMM!
  • Start using the 100 page rule. No sense in forcing yourself to read something you're struggling with!
  • Don't accept review copies if you're not sure you'll read them. Sure they sound cool but on a scale, how interesting is it, really?
  • Venture back into fiction (I use to read fiction all the time, then I discovered YA and well, that was that).
  • Don't splurge on books so much (especially now that we're moving. I'm thinking of going the eBook route to save space).

Life Resolutions

  • Explore Florida and everything it has to offer
  • Spend a weekend in New York (if possible, in Feb. While there's still snow!)
  • Get back into To Write Love On Her Arms
  • Work out, take vitamins and DRINK WATER (this is on my list every year)
  • Get back into Web/Graphic design
  • Get back on FFXI (yes, I'm so serious)
  • Cook and bake (I can do this now that I'm getting my own place)!
  • Work on your WIP novel
  • Try 5 new restaurants
  • Attempt Yoga
  • Start sleeping before 2AM!
  • RELAX. It's okay to put aside an entire day to just RELAX! Don't feel guilty!

What are some of your resolutions? Do we have any in common?

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  1. I highly recommend going to St. Augustine, Fl, if you haven't. Amazing!