Friday, July 16, 2010

As most of you might know by now, I'm a huge huge huge fan of the Wicked musical (in fact, I've seen in 9 times, all in San Francisco! If you think that's crazy, I know a girl who's seen it 60, now that is insane)! I'm friends... or fan friends... or, I don't know what you would call it... but I know four people from the musical. Neka (who plays the witches mother and is an understudy for Nessarose), Etai (who plays Boq), Jody (who plays Madame Morrible) and Nicolas (our previous Fiyero who recently left to go on Broadway for Mary Poppins as Bert)! So we were chatting with Neka after Nicolas, Eden and Kendra's last performance and she invited us to go backstage! Well not that day, but any day we wanted, so we went last week when she was on as Nessarose.

I'm going to cut this entry since I'm not sure if we were allowed to take pictures or not and I don't want Neka to get in trouble! So to see pictures of backstage, follow the cut!

When you walk in Stage Door, there's a bunch of papers tacked on the wall and this was one of them. Can you spot my name? It's under Hazel and not Marie (my name is Hazel Marie for those who are curious. I wanna drop Hazel because believe it or not, it's hard for me to pronounce properly).

When you walk up on the "stage" part, this is the first thing you see. See the poppy's from the Nessa crushing scene? Those were placed just about everywhere around backstage. There isn't a lot of room back there (literally isn't) so everything was placed wherever they would fit.

This is the lifter that lift's Elphaba in Defying Gravity. That small platform with the green bag over it is what Elphaba stands on as she's being lifted. Can you imagine having to step into that, thrust your back on it so it snaps close and be lifted on that small thing (oh you're doing ALL of this WHILE singing)? I'd be really scared lol.

I was in the right wing when I took this picture. I assumed the wings would be so much more.... spacey but they're actually really not. In about 4 steps you'd be on stage.

This is where Glinda's bubble "lives". In between all the other backdrops. I was standing on the actual stage when I took this picture. It makes me wonder... how high is the ceiling?

Dr. Dillamond's chalkboard. Which is indeed a chalkboard, but it's painted on.

I am Oz. The great and powerful! It's the Oz head!! And yes, my husband and I took pictures with the Oz head, but I won't post those lol.

Behind the stage... more poppy's!! Nessa's Act II wheelchair, a tricycle from The Emerald City and oh, my husband hehe. Caught him!

The lion cub! Did you know someone actually sits under the table to control the lion cub? We were told it's a Boq understudy cause they're "smaller". Hehe. I wanted to pet the lion cub, but I thought that would be a really weird request... maybe next time.

And finally! Us with Neka after the tour. Thank you so much Miss Neka! It totally made our week!

I hope you guys enjoyed my small picture tour at what it's like backstage at Wicked. I wanted to make a vlog, but I thought that'd be pushing it!


  1. That's awesome! I love Wicked too but I've only seen it once for my birthday. For one, it's way too expensive to go see it every weekend, and I live in the South so it's not always playing here. I'm obsessed with the book though, if I ever have a baby girl I'm naming her Elphaba.

  2. What an AMAZING experience!! You know I am jealous, girl. How neat. You know I would have wanted to pet the lion cub, too! :) I'm hoping to go one more time before the show closes in Sept. My daughter really wants to see it again and she hasn't gone since we went a few years ago in L.A. Elphie's lift would be scary, but I think I totally would have been begging to try it out!