Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Monday, what are you reading? Is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila of One Persons Journey Through a World of Books.

What I read last week:
  • Veiled Desire by Alisha Rai
  • Veiled Seduction by Alisha Rai

What I'm reading this week:
  • The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephanie Meyer
  • Everlasting by Angie Fraizer

I didn't finish that many books last week because my husband has been staying over since my dad's on vacation (and has requested that my husband stay over and keep me company). We don't live together, which might sound weird, but we recently just got married and well, the military didn't work out so.... it resulted in us not living together at the moment (if that makes sense).

I know I should be reading books I have to review, and I have a few that I need to, but I always end up picking up another book lol. Bad habit! But hey, I'm still new to this books-for-review thing! 

So what are you reading this week?


  1. I'll be curious to see what you think of the new Stephenie Meyer book. I quite liked seeing the story from another perspective.

  2. I've finished the Bree Tanner book and thought it was great, so I hope you enjoy it too! :)

  3. Read what you can, that is the best anyone can do :)

    You look like you should have a good week with those two--I have heard they are both good.

  4. I really enjoyed Bree, even though I wasn't a huge fan of Eclipse. Hope you enjoy!

  5. I think I need to pick up and read my copy of The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner. I bought it right away but there it sits. I can see it looking at me... LOL

  6. I sympathize with your military situation. My husband was deployed for our first year so it didn't make sense for me to move far away for one month together before he left. I was able to finish my two year degree right before he came home so I did end up moving for nine months. Getting military housing if frustrating...we never did end up getting a place on base. Good luck to you! P.S. I'm waiting to hear how you like Bree Tanner's story.

  7. Anxious to see what you think of Bree Tanner. I noticed your comment on Goodreads that makes me think you don't like it as well as the Twilight series....