Sunday, May 9, 2010

Secret TiesSecret Ties by Opal Carew
Published: June 23rd, 2009
Details: Paperback, 256 pages
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Summary (goodreads):
How far would you go to reach the ultimate pleasure? Max Delaney is a master of bondage and submission…and Summer Anderson’s most decadent dream come true.  From the moment she meets him, she yearns for him to dominate her--body and soul.  As Max initiates her into his world of scorching BDSM sex, he shows Summer what’s possible when she abandons her inhibitions and loses herself in pure sensation.  Soon Summer wonders if she can surrender to her wickedest desire yet: to share herself with three men at once.  But once she’s lived out her most forbidden fantasy, can she go back to her ordinary life?  And will she ever want to?

Summer owns her own chocolate shop and makes chocolates in a small town. She's a bit insecure and she's really shy. She has two best guy friends (who are also best friends with each other) that she has massive crushes on but is too shy to make the first move.

She ends up going with her friend to a sex convention where her friend is selling and signing her new released erotica novel and suggested that Summer make some chocolates that would match the theme of the convention. There she meets Max. And that's when her life changes. Max introduces her to the world of BDSM and how to open herself up more (literally and figuratively) and go after what she wants.

From the start, the sparks between Summer and Max come quickly in the book and the weekend they spend together during the convention lead to a lot of BDSM, then she leaves to go back home and though she's happy to finally home and see her two best friends that she's practically in love with, she can't stop thinking about Max.  Though out the time that she is home and trying to pursue both of her best friends, she still keeps in contact and a few times, see's Max. I liked the friendship between Summer and her two best friend's prior to her pursuing them. After she did pursue them, I felt the book got a little awkward. The characters didn't have much (or any) of story line, there wasn't a back story to really anyone but Max. And after awhile, it kind of just felt like a porno, in a book. I might as well had started playing that funky tacky porno music while reading this book! It was so awkward that I started skipping the steamy scenes in search of some kind of story plot. But I didn't find one. I guess I'm just spoiled from all the Lilli Feisty novel's that had an actual back story. 

The ending completely threw me off and didn't make a hint of sense. I don't want to include spoilers but just so you're warned..... SPOILER!

So Summer is totally crushing on her two best friends for what, years? Max comes along, she's attracted to Max but still wants her two best friends so she finally gets both best friends who are just cool with dating Summer at the same time (and doing her) but she's still seeing/sleeping with Max and in the end she ends up getting engaged to Max which in my opinion was totally rushed through and not only does she get engaged to the one she cant stop thinking about BUT she also gets to still sleep with all three of them. At the same time. What the hell?!

As much as I don't want to say this... this book was not worth the $10 I spent on it. 


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