Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm starting this new feature on my blog called Author of the Month where I focus on a favorite author of mine, tell you why they're one of my favorite authors and hold a giveaway for my favorite book by them.

This month's Author of the Month is Melissa Marr.

Melissa Marr is the author of the Wicked Lovely series. I've had Wicked Lovely on my TBR list for years before actually picking it up and reading it. Why I waited so long is beyond me (and I instantly regretted it)! When I first started reading Wicked Lovely, I was completely confused. It was after all, my first faerie book. But once I got passed the beginning part, I started to get it. I loved the personalities she built for Ash, Seth, Keenan and especially Donia. I loved the world she built where both mortals and faeries co-exist together. I loved the descriptions of the faeries and how their world worked, how all the different courts worked. Yes, the beginning of a new book in the series can get confusing, but once you start to get it, they're too addicting to put down!

The book completely took me away, which I wasn't really expecting! But I'm glad it did, now I'm obsessed with the rest of the series and since finishing Wicked Lovely I've bought a ton more faerie related reads! 

Haven't read Wicked Lovely yet? Now's your chance to win a copy!

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Winner will be picked May 26th.


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