Saturday, April 17, 2010

BloomBloom by Elizabeth Scott
Published: April 24, 2007
Details: Paperback, 231 pages
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Summery (Goodreads):
There's a difference between falling and letting go.

Lauren has a good life: decent grades, great friends, and a boyfriend every girl lusts after. So why is she so unhappy?

It takes the arrival of Evan Kirkland for Lauren to figure out the answer: She's been holding back. She's been denying herself a bunch of things (like sex) because staying with her loyal and gorgeous boyfriend, Dave, is the "right" thing to do. After all, who would give up the perfect boyfriend?

But as Dave starts talking more and more about their life together, planning a future Lauren simply can't see herself in -- and as Lauren's craving for Evan, and moreover, who she is with Evan becomes all the more fierce -- Lauren realizes she needs to make a choice...before one is made for her.

I had a hard time relating to any of the characters in this book. Which I find strange considering the thing I love most about Elizabeth Scott's books is how easy it is to relate to her characters.

Lauren has the cutest guy in school as her boyfriend (I mean, people go Edward Cullen when he passes by), she's semi popular because of her boyfriend, she gets decent grades... her mother walked out on her and her father when she was a child leaving her with just her father who works too much and is obsessed with "starting a new family" with other women. Lauren's boyfriend Dave is cookie cutter perfect. Perfect family, perfect grades, popular and in my opinion had no personality. He was just so... good. It really actually annoyed the hell out of me!

Then there's Evan, a friend from her childhood who comes back into her life. He's got that badass look going on and he doesn't talk. She's attracted to him but it doesn't really say why. It's like one day he comes back into her life and *poof* attraction. No reason to how or why or anything it just is. A reason would had been nice. Then things get complicated between her and Evan and her and Dave. And it just... it was awkward.

It was a cute read and there were a few scenes that really grabbed me but for the majority of the book, it wasn't really like that. 


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