Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's been awhile since I've just rambled on this blog and I kinda just... feel like talking to you guys today. Whoa, totally out of my super organized-ness right? But oh well :)

So it's been cold and raining here in Florida which is insane because it's Florida. The whole reason why I moved away from California was to be somewhere warmer. But at least the air isn't super dry. My eczema has been good to me this winter. Still can't get down with the rain though which kinda sucks since it is Florida and we'll be into hurricane season too... oh I hate those months lol. 

I was hoping to read a few Valentines Day titles in January so I'd have my reviews all nice and ready and bow tie pretty for February but... that didn't happen lol! Mostly because while I have a general list of books I'd like to read, when I actually scroll through my library I still manage to get a little overwhelmed. Like... LET'S READ ALL THE THINGS AT THE SAME TIME. Yeah. No. Don't do that. I keep accidentally requesting books on NetGalley that I'm unaware are part of a series so that sucks. I should really stop getting excited and start looking up the titles. But why can't they mention it's part of a series on the page... like... what?

Hubby decided to switch phone companies because we were getting ZERO service in all of Orlando but we got PERFECT service at home which is fine by me except I just upgraded my phone in October so I had to get a new phone again which should be exciting, right? Not when it's an iPhone and your whole life is on it lol. At least my cloud backed up most things but my cloud also hit max capacity and so I wasn't able to back anything up for like... months lol. Whoops. So imagine the frustration when stuff was missing. Is anyone else like that? Like, you think it'll magically just be on your phone even though you know that's not how it works? 

Speaking of! Because of my cloud problems I decided to give in and try out DropBox. Do any of you guys use it? I don't really know how it works... I usually save a bunch of stuff to my Google Drive which is also pretty easy but I wanted to see what the fuss about Dropbox was. Then I found another app called Box. Just Box. And apparently it gives you 50GiGs of space but I don't get how it works. Is it a cloud or just an app?? 

Hubby had the flu last week but he's better now, thank goodness. Thank goodness it was just the flu too and nothing awful and thank goodness I didn't catch it after him for once! That neverrrrrrrr happens! He doesn't usually get sick, ever. But working at Disney can get you sick since everyone over there is sick too. Now he's just in that coughing-it-out phase lol.

So what have you guys been up to this week/month? What are you most looking forward to in February?
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