Tuesday, December 3, 2013


After three years I've finally decided to give in and change my layout! I'm super excited about this change and I love my new layout! And okay I didn't step too far out of my comfort zone, but you know... baby steps!

Thank you so much to Stephanie over at Hopeless Romantics! She was an absolute pleasure to work with and was incredibly patient with me for asking her to change things around :) if you're ever in need of an amazing layout I highly suggest contacting Stephanie!

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Happy December friends!

The holiday season is finally upon us and and that means BUSY!! I've finally concluded my last class for my current class and I'm on break for about two weeks, hooray!! For those of you who do online classes, you know my pain and frustration over the last few weeks when it comes to group assignments. Ughhh. So I am so ready for this break!

My apartment is inching closer to being decked out holiday style, I just have a bit of tidying up to do! And of course my usual holiday traditions --- cutting and dying my hair is coming up this week! I'm planning out some blog posts to get into the holiday spirit and I've got a line up of reads I want to get through this month before Christmas!

Also on my vlog channel I've decided to participate in vlogmas! Vlogmas is where you vlog every day until Christmas. I've vlogging day 1 & 2 but I haven't edited them yet. But they will be up shortly! Also on my lifestyle instagram account (@afairytalelife_ )I'm doing #adayindecember where I post a picture a day for the rest of the month! So please check that out and feel free to join in if you'd like!

What fun activities do you have lined up this month?


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