Thursday, September 26, 2013

I hate how I always have to have this super formal title every time I want to blog something. Like, legit. Half the time I scrap a post cause I can't think of a title. What the hey hey hey?!


So I won Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan through RandomBuzzer and I was super excited and after a week it didn't show up. So I emailed them and they said to allow up to four weeks. I literally was going to cry. So I told my husband and he was like, "I wanted to buy you a finish copy anyway, how much is it on Kindle? Just buy it, here!" now there isn't many things my husband will tell me to just charge to his card. In fact, there isn't really anything. But he knows how much I've been looking forward to this and he knows how addicted I was to Unspoken last year (I was literally reading it on my iPhone while we would wait for our food at dinner. Apparently game playing at the table is fine. Reading is not since it's for "relaxing time". Okay hubby, okay). So I got it on my Kindle. And I started reading it.

I'm trying SO HARD to read it SUPER SLOW because 1) Can we just sit and think of all the ways Sarah rips our hearts out? Yeah, HEARTBREAK. At EVERY corner. Just lurking and waiting to strike! And 2) I don't want to rush into finishing it because that means I have to wait another year for the next book. And trust me, this first time was TORTURE. It was ALL I THOUGHT ABOUT. That is insane guys, insane. This series has consumed 70% of my thoughts for the last YEAR.

So I'm 18% in... lala... minding my own business and ALREADY my heart has broke twice. OMG. I can't freakin deal!! But my thoughts so far? Let me bullet point so I don't ramble.

  • Angela is freakin hardcore like seriously. She is so badass in the first section of this book it's not even funny. I didn't even realize what was going on until she just badass'd her way in there like a... badass lol
  • Poor poor Ash. Seriously. Cut the guy a break! Don't you think he's already been through enough?!
  • I'm convinced Lillian as beyond mastered the art of selective hearing. HOW DOES SHE STAY COMPOSED? Like lady, are you half dead? YOU ARE, AREN'T YOU?!
  • JARED YOU ARE THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE ON THE FACE ON THE FUCKIN PLANET. Like really, I'm starting to think I shoulda been team Ash from the get go. He has a snazzy name, and besides the whole almost killing Kami's friend thing he's a pretty decent guy. No really, between Ash and Jared, he's definitely the more decent one.
  • But really, bring back the Jared I loved. Because this one? Deserves several swift kicks to the THROAT.

Yes, 18% in and these are my thoughts. This is going to be a wild ride...


  1. That's amazing that you aren't even 1/4 of the way in and you already have so much to talk about-it's great! I haven't read any of her books but you are convincing me because this one sounds amazing.

    1. @Alise OMGGGG. Unspoken was AMAZING. Seriously, I don't fan girl over a lot of books. In fact only 3 series one being Twilight back before it was "cool" lol so that's saying a lot! GO. READ. IT!! :D

  2. I had never even heard of that author until now, and you really did a great job on convincing me to read a book by her. You aren't even halfway through and you're already freaking out? That's awesome.

    Happy reading!
    -Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

    1. @Marianne YES GO READ UNSPOKEN FIRST! *fan girls*