Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's warm today, which is strange since it's been freezing and raining all week! I can't believe Thanksgiving is here, that means that the holiday are just around the corner and then it'll be 2013. I swear the older you get the faster the year goes!

This year has been a struggle and especially with my OCD. But there is still much to be thankful for. 

I'm thankful for my husband who drives me insane but makes sure I'm fed, happy, smiling and safe. Who stays by my side no matter what and no matter how hard I push him away. Who drives me to book signings rain or shine no matter how far or near, who'll stand in line with me for hours, who'll hold my books and take my pictures. Who always thinks of me even when I think he doesn't. Who never forgets to tuck me in, put away my glasses when I fall asleep with them and kisses me every night. I'm thankful he's literally my best friend. I would be lost without him!

I'm thankful for the 3 little fuzzy faces that drive me crazy every night with their crying and their unknown demands! But I'm thankful to come home with them and cuddle and kiss them even if they cry and try to claw their way out. I'm especially thankful for Snow (the one on the left) for trying to cheer me up when she knows I'm stressed out. She's literally our baby!

I'm thankful for my puppy who will always be my sunshine on a cloudy day.

I'm thankful for books for being my escape and for keeping me inspired. They definitely make my life better and provide the perfect escape on those nights you just want to get away! Books, I love you!

I'm also thankful for my family (my brother especially who came home from work at 3am this morning and has been cooking an amazing meal since 6am. I can't wait for dinner!), my friends, my health (the fact that my ear infection is gone, yay!), being able to go to college, my next adventure! I'm thankful for life and everything it has to offer and take away. It can be a struggle but it can be beautiful if you want it to be too.

I and thankful for you, my readers and wish all of you readers a happy thanksgiving filled with family, friends, happiness, laughter and I wish you a relaxing night after the festivities to curl up with a book too!


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