Thursday, October 11, 2012

Demons by Heather Frost
Seers #2
Release Date: September 11th, 2012 by Sweetwater Books
Details: 432 pages, hardcover
Genre: Young Adult > Paranormal > Guardian Angels
Source: NetGalley (Thank you NG & Sweetwater Books!)
Summary (Goodreads):
Kate's life is far from normal. She can see Auras, her boyfriend is immortal, and her powers make her a target. But now that the Demon Lord is hunting her, things are about to go from dangerous to truly deadly. Packed with action, mind-blowing plot twists, and characters you can't get enough of, this is a fast-paced, heart-pounding read from cover to cover.

Demons pretty much picks up where Seers left off and it focuses more on the demons. Well sort of. We see more of the demons in this one as well as some new seers. 

In Demons we see the relationship between Patrick and Kate further and it's a very tamed, innocent and sweet thing to see. Patrick is quite the gentleman! We see more of Kate and Lee's friendship and is it just me or does Lee remind anyone else of Harper from Wizards of Waverley Place? There's a lot more scenes with Kate and her family as well. The twins are still... well annoying twins. We also see a very sweet friendship blossom between Kate and Aaron. 

Kate is still being tracked down by the Demon Lord and Selena is still being a dumb %!&@$. Oh and Kate is still being self sacrificing which really isn't a cute trait. I get that you know, some serious stuff goes down with Patrick but really she needs to explore more options beside just serving herself up on a pretty silver platter. Also Toni wasn't as funny as he was in the first book. We get a glimpse of Patrick's life before he was a guardian and it was interesting.

I don't have that many thoughts or opinions on this book. And I really hate when that happens. To be honest the beginning was sort of slow and there's a bunch of drama that happens but it isn't until the end when things get really intense and good. The last chapter especially!! OMGOSH! There are a few twists and turns that made me gasp with surprise and yes, I'll be looking forward to the third book too. But that beginning, man was it slow! Also it bothered me that the death of Kate's grandfather was sort of brushed off like no big deal.

I really hate when I don't have a strong opinion about a book, because then my reviews look like this... all monotone lol. Oh and the guy in the cover? He's going to blow your mind!!


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