Saturday, September 22, 2012

When I first book blogging, I had a pile of maybe 5 books to read (oh the days when I had less than a room of books in my TBR!) and one of them was Crazy Love by Leslie Morgan Steiner. I really enjoyed the book for what it was. I'm a little obsessed with books about abusive relationships because I like to know I'm not alone. But this book sparked my interest in other memoirs. And while I do enjoy reading memoirs, I find them the hardest to review... on one side I feel like they should be books that we just take in and not speak about and on the other hand I want to share how amazing it is that this person had the courage to tell their story, whatever it is and put a huge part of themselves out into the public to be ripped by someone they don't even know.

Why is it that some people enjoy reading memoirs that are essentially about someone else's life? Does that make us nosey? I mean, maybe not because it's them who put this work out into the world but does anyone else feel a little nosey when they read memoirs? No? Just me? Oh, okay lol. 

Aside from serious memoirs I also enjoy ones about other people who were also cast members for Disney parks and how their experience was or Unnaturally Green by Felicia Ricci who was our Wicked Elphaba standby in San Francisco. I was curious to know what went on back stage and what did Wicked cast do on their free time?!

I bring this up because as I was reading someone else's blog post about their top favorite memoirs, they mentioned Lucky by Alice Sebold and as I was reading the reviews on Amazon, I was amazed at what some of these people said about the book which is about her being a rape survivor. The book got a ton of really great reviews and it also got a lot of really awful offensive reviews. How can someone just say someone's memoir about rape is boring? What?!

Have you read any memoirs? Do you enjoy them or stay away from them?
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