Monday, July 16, 2012

I know this post is coming a little late today, I had to catch up on some Math homework. But now that that is all taken care of (does anyone else get bothered when they write "that" twice in a sentence?) I wanted to do a post on the new trailer that was released at Comic-Con this weekend for Oz The Great and Powerful!

I'm sure it's no secret that I love anything Wizard of Oz so imagine how much I was jumping up and down when I saw this trailer! It's beauuuuutiful!!

Because its got a Tim Burton feel to it people are complaining that it's too "Alice in Wonderland" but it's going to be in 3D, so I'm sure there's a bit of a reason for that. Besides, what did you expect Oz to look like?! Other people are saying that the new Wicked movie is going to be a better prequel since this "never happened" but I think people forget that Wicked never happened either.

Anyway, I'm pretty darn excited for this!!

Anyone else going to see this? Anyone else sad they didn't get to attend Comic-Con either?


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