Monday, July 30, 2012

Okay, seriously, I'm doing too many of these but for the record, for good reason!

  • One more Math II class and I'm done with Math! I'm so excited! Now to just get through this final...
  • Taking a very very much needed academic break so yay for more time to work on the blog!
  • My Financial Adviser can suck me. Seriously. This is like the 3rd time this year he's screwed up my grants.
  • We have 3 kittens. Seriously.  No idea how this happened! Snow, Cham-Cham and Chocolate/Brownie (I don't think my mom can make up her mind...). WHY DO WE HAVE THREE KITTENS?!

  • Haven't read all week, which sucks. I hate reading slumps. Hopefully after Math is done I can pull myself out!
  • Thinking of finally getting things together to open my fairy tale shop.
  • Applied to volunteer at my library. The Young Adult librarian is kind of an ass (at first impression) but I would love to work there!
  • My in-laws left to attend my sister in law's Marines graduation. Even though they're like a week early. I can't believe she's done already!!
  • Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance comes out tomorrow :D so excited!
  • I've been obsessed with raw Salmon Sushi lately!
I dunno what else to say lol. But yay for almost being done with Math. Finally! Finally! I can't wait for some free time and pulling myself out of this reading slump!

How was your week? Any plans for the following week?


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