Monday, May 7, 2012

Hai! I know it's been a few weeks longer than I had intented to be away... but school has really been kicking my ass lately. I just got done with a religion class (I LOVED) where I had to do a group presentation every week (and I'm awful at public speaking, you'd think that making youtube videos would help, but nooo) and now I'm in Bio which sucks and I have Algebra I next. I haven't taken Algebra since high school... ten years ago. Yeah.

So anyway, things that have been up!

What is it with science books always using spiders as an example?!

  • Helping a Disney friend write his first novel which is pretty exciting!
  • Helping hubby finish his first novel (which he's been working on on and off since 2006)
  • I managed to finish 2 books last week (YAYYYYY!!!)
  • Dealing with friendship betrayal, which is always fun.... /sarcasm
  • Playing video games again. Oh how I've missed it!
  • Launching a food blog because it's about time I do
  • Attempting to eat/drink healthier
  • Listening to more music :D
  • Husband took me to Vegas for a vacation getaway that we so desperately needed
  • My sister in law left for basic training to the MARINES on Sunday. Uh yeah.
  • Thinking of doing discussion posts...
You ever have those periods of time in your life where you feel yourself slipping away from... well yourself? And sometimes you feel it start to creepy slowly back? I'm stuck in one of those. Trying to get back into things I enjoy doing is a little hard with how busy school is making me but I'm seriously trying.

I'm glad my reading rut has slowly backed off. I've missed reading so much. Lets hope it sticks around for awhile longer, yes?

Thank you to all of you who haven't un-followed me lol. Seriously means a lot!


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