Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst
Release Date: Feb 12th, 2012
Details: ebook
Genre: Erotica
Source: Bought on Amazon
Summary (Goodreads):
A marriage in name only... 

To save her family home, impulsive bookstore owner, Alexa Maria McKenzie, casts a love spell. But she never planned on conjuring up her best friend's older brother—the powerful man who once shattered her heart. 

Billionaire Nicholas Ryan doesn’t believe in marriage, but in order to inherit his father’s corporation, he needs a wife and needs one fast. When he discovers his sister’s childhood friend is in dire financial straits, he’s offers Alexa a bold proposition. 

A marriage in name only with certain rules: Avoid entanglement. Keep things all business. Do not fall in love. The arrangement is only for a year so the rules shouldn’t be that hard to follow, right? 

Except fate has a way of upsetting the best-laid plans…

The Marriage Bargain is the type of erotica that I crave when I'm on the hunt for an erotica. 

Nick doesn't believe in marriage. He doesn't believe in love. He doesn't believe in feelings. Nick doesn't believe in a lot of things and in order to inherit his father's business, he needs to start believing but he doesn't. Instead he tries to fake everyone out. Alexa was a character that was easy to love, she has a huge selfless heart for her family, animals and even for the man that she agreed to marry who broke her heart many years ago who treats her like crap. Well he doesn't treat her like crap but the things he does and says could use a little thought before they happened. But considering how icy Nick's heart is, what more could you really expect?

Honestly, I loved Nick's character. Sure in the beginning he was such a huge pig head and I just wanted to shake him and bash his head into a wall. But seeing him soften, seeing him unravel and start to open up? It was such a beautiful thing to see. The way he saw Alexa halfway through the year, it was just amazing. I don't really know how else to describe it but it gave me butterflies and warm feelings. Seeing Alexa get into domestic mode (even if she was trying to butter Nick up) was cute to witness, I can't say it enough, she's a very lovable character. When the two of them got together, the chemistry was electrifying. The steamy scenes were heartfelt and hot all at the same time. 

I absolutely loved The Marriage Bargain and I'll be looking forward to more of Jennifer's work!

Nick Ryan looked at her not as a grown woman, but more of an asexual human being. Like an amoeba.


  1. I've been seeing this book make the goodreads rounds. It sounds good, may need to purchase!

    1. @Sarah Please do let me know if you do! It's a fantastic read!

  2. HI Marie! Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I am so happy you loved the book and am almost finished with the sequel - Maggie's story! Thanks again for the review!

    1. @Jennifer I don't know why I just saw this comment now! Thank you for taking the time to comment my review! I can't wait to pick up the sequel!

  3. This book rocked me. I love the way the sex scenes rang out. The way they just fell in love.

    Micky Johnson (Fly Fishing for Steelhead)