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The Princess Curse by Merrie Haskell
Release Date: Sept 6th, 2011 from HarperCollins
Details: 328 pages, hardcover
Series: No, but I'm hoping :)
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Rating: 5 out of 5!!
Summary (Goodreads):

Twelve princesses suffer from a puzzling (if silly) curse, and anyone who ends it will win a reward. Reveka, a sharp-witted and irreverent apprentice herbalist, wants that reward. But her investigations lead to deeper mysteries and a daunting choice—will she break the curse at the peril of her own soul?

o0.| My Thoughts |.0o

As with Breadcrumbs I was expecting a light fluffy read with The Princess Curse about mythology and retelling but again, that is not what I got. Reveka is a very young herbalist apprentice who dreams of having her own herbery. In order to do this, she sets off to break the curse to be rewarded. Even though Reveka is very young, she's had her own share of struggles which is what I think makes her so brave.

Reveka was a very refreshing character. For someone her age, she was very mature and sneaky! I loved that she had goals and she wouldn't let anyone stop her. She has a good and pure heart and even put in the situations she was put in, she still tried to see the best of everything. I really liked Lord Dragos and I wish we knew more about him. He didn't seem threatening or violent, just sad and lonely. Another character I wish we knew more about is Alethe. I absolutely was NOT a fan of Lacrimora. Every scene she was in was just... ugh!

It's hard to review this without giving too much away!

The Princess Curse is a wonderful weaved story of the Persephone/Hades myth and the Twelve Dancing Princesses. The descriptions of the Underworld were both beautiful and haunting as was the way the world works, how spirits are either locked in or wander around and how sometimes they vanish. I absolutely enjoyed this read and I enjoyed Reveka's journey and her determination to wake up the sleepers and save the Underworld. Even though this is suppose to be a middle grade/tween novel, it certainly didn't read like one. 

The only thing I didn't like was the creepy scene where the sleepers would wake up and scream "Don't go!" when the princesses' light went out. Seriously, it had me checking my windows at night lol.

o0.| Favorite Quote |.0o

The Princess had spies? I was impressed. I wanted spies.

"Ridiculous boy can't keep his mouth closed," my master muttered. "Is he setting up housekeeping for moths?"

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  1. Great review, very well written. I like those creepy sleepers! Can't wait to read more of your reviews!