Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Finds is a new weekly feature where I post things I find around the internet. I spend a lot of time aimlessly clicking around Goodreads, Amazon and Etsy so I thought I'd share some of the random things I find here with all of you :)

Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden

I came across this book sometime last year or the year before that browsing the Amazon bargain link. I've always been curious about crochet and as a kid I would watch (and sometimes help) my grandma with whatever epic project she was working on and she made it look so easy!

When I moved back from Florida, I was running around Michaels looking for a new project to start and I was giving my husband anxiety from picking up too many different things (lol) so he went back to when I had first mentioned I wanted to learn crochet and convinced me to put everything back and focus on that. So I did and gosh it's hard!!

But I am determined to learn how to crochet and eventually make these cute little guys. It's always amazing to see a plushie completely crochet. There's a really talented girl on Etsy who makes Nintendo ones that are really good. 

 Do any of you crochet?

I'd love some beginner tips! My chains always end up looking uneven :(

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  1. One of my coworkers has crocheted a cute cthulu.

  2. hi! I just came across your blog accidentally whilst looking for amigurumi the japanese style of cute animals creatures etc that are crocheted etc!

    I'm quite keen on crochet at the moment and am planning on posting some pics onto my blog of a few sample pieces that i'm working on hopefully with the intention of making into something else, anyway i'm rambling basically there is another good book out there called super cute 25 amigurumi animals to make if you are interested