Friday, February 18, 2011

As you guys know, I now work for Walt Disney World.

I've been here for a little over a month and for the most part, I love it here. Florida is much much more different that California in terms of the weather, the air and the people. I find that the people here in Florida are much nicer people. People in California are always in a hurry and annoyed. At everything. For any reason. Lately the weather has been really nice here, I'm still trying to get use to this humidity thing. You know humidity in CA would label the day "the hottest day EVER" lol. We had a thunderstorm once a week last month, I LOVE thunderstorms. The Bay Area hasn't had one (at least on my side of the bay) for about two years. Except I didn't really enjoy running to my apartment during the thunderstorm. It felt like the thunder was chasing me!

The program is... eh. Don't get me wrong, I think it's an amazing program that offers us college students an absolute amazing experience. But... we're like the bottom of the employee chain. We're the ones likely to close every night, to pick up the extra hours no one wants, to deal with the unstable work schedule's and that's fine... I can totally understand that but sometimes it gets to be too much. I was recently deployed from my main location to a location that's across my area. It's like a 10-20 min walk there (that's how huge Downtown Disney is) and while it's a bit exciting to be moved to a new location for awhile, I absolutely hate it here! The managers, coordinators and co-workers in my main zone are helpful and friendly and they have a sense of humor. Where as this zone, not so much. I mean, at all. No one's every smiling, everyone expects you to know everything even if you've never been there, and they're just not that helpful. I don't think I've seen the closing manager smile once the whole week I've been here. Half the time when you're directing a question towards her she doesn't even respond! It's just a big difference from my main zone, then being thrown into this one where everyone acts so miserable.

I am enjoying my time here in Florida, I love checking out all the resorts (there's so many resorts and so many parks, I've been here a month and still haven't seen everything!) and making a list of restaurants I want to try out (I'll be posting reviews for them on a different blog), I've been stalking characters (I saw Peter Pan yesterday but he left before I could go get his autograph/picture because he had to get ready for the show and I've been trying to track down Peter forever. At least now I know where t look!), I've been indulging in caramel apples (if you haven't had a Disney caramel apple, you're missing out. They have the thickest yummiest caramel), and visiting the parks.

It's hard to do anything else other than that here without a car. It's a little weird not to be able to drive to Taco Bell and get some food or stop by the mall or the bank. I miss my car, I miss being able to drive. But this is an amazing experience and being away from all the home stuff isn't so bad sometimes :). Now, pictures!

Ever wondered what Magic Kingdom looks like before a thunderstorm?
Well now you don't have to wonder.

Oh yes, I met Flynn Rider. *swoon*

Husband came up with this idea.
If only I was a little taller...

Yes, he did smell like strawberries!

Husband and I at Disney's Hollywood Studios!

I love how serious his face is LOL!

My newest obsession...
Wolfgang Puck!
Their Creme Brulee is AMAZING!


  1. Wow! What an adventure you are on! To see the ins and outs of Disney World must be quite something. I hope you end up getting transferred to a more friendly location.

  2. My best friend and her boyfriend were cast members there fall of last year, and they're going again this Summer for one whole year! Hey maybe you two will meet :) Haha. I can imagine the fun you are having right now.

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