Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[the married couple being lazy during reception set up]

One year ago today I was making my way down the elevator and on my way to my chapel to wait for my wedding coordinator. In 45 minutes I was going to walk down the isle and marry my best friend. Most. Nerve wrecking. Experience. Of. My. ENTIRE. Life. Seriously. And it's so weird because it was just family there and I was still so nervous!

I can't believe it's already been an entire year. I can't believe we survived our first year of marriage. I can't believe I pulled off an entire wedding with only 8 weeks to plan! Being married isn't any different than not being married. For some reason I thought it would be epic and different. But it's not that much different. The only difference is that it's "we" instead of "me". "Us" instead of... well you get the point. I smile every time he refers to me as his wife. And I feel like a jerk for not changing my last name yet lol. But I don't really feel the need to until we move out. Which is in a few weeks, but still, it seems like changing my last name and getting our own place go hand in hand. Maybe it's just me!

I am so thankful for him and everything he does for me. For taking care of me when he doesn't have to, for looking out for me and for keeping me grounded when I'm bouncing around all over the place. For his never ending support in all my interests, hobbies and plans. For wanting to be a part of those interests, hobbies and plans. For teaching me girly things I can't figure out (like how to use makeup remover wipes or nail polish remover the right way), I obviously didn't spend much time with my mother growing up lol. For reading to me when I get too busy or lazy to because he knows I have to finish books. And for just being awesome... most days.

To you my love, my best friend in the entire world. Happy Anniversary!

[and happy birthday to our Flixie, you're always so very missed.]


  1. Congratulations you two! Hope everything with the move is going smoothly as well! Best Wishes, Krista

  2. Congrats!


  3. @Krista OMG I started the cleaning process last night... I have such a long way to go! I didn't realize we're leaving like, NEXT WEEK! Ahhh!

    @Demitria Thank you!

  4. What a nice anniversary post! Your guy sounds wonderful and you two are about to start an exciting adventure together, how fun!

  5. thanks for sharing! congrats marie :D

  6. Congrats, Marie and hubby! What a nice post.