Friday, December 3, 2010

I can't believe it's already December!

I'm that much closer to moving across the country. It's a scary thought guys! I've never lived anywhere else but here... leaving my family and home for the first time is making me homesick... and I haven't even left yet! Someone please tell me that's normal :(

So since the holidays are coming up, and since I love doing giveaways, I've been trying to think of something awesome to do for December. But I don't know what to give away! I don't know what event I want to do or anything! So, help me come up with some idea's? What kind of books would you guys like to see me give away? Should I do an event or just a give away? I wanna do something as my way of saying thank you for your support! I can come up with all the other Christmasy prize things but it's just the books I'm having trouble with!

I can tell you this much... the winner of the giveaway will get a bunch of cool things that I depend on for the colder months! I think I'm more excited about this part lol!

Also, if I did a small blog sale, would you guys be interested? I tried this before and got no response but I thought I'd try again. Since I'm moving and husband has said I can't bring everything with me. You never realize how many books you have until you have to figure out a way to get it from point A to point B!


  1. When I think of Christmas I think of family and friends, so books with those kinds of theme's could be good I also think of angels and there are a lot of angel books out these days... I think I would be interested in a sale, are they going to be all arc's or everything? How do we pay you? Paypal? fyi I follow you by twitter too if you want to answer there..Cubicleblindness at gmail dot com

  2. hope everything turns out well for you and where are you moving to?

  3. It is hard to move away from family to a new place. I only moved four hours away from mine and I miss them like crazy. I hope everything goes smoothly with your move.

    I love Christmas. It kind of makes winter a little bit better too although I usually feel a little gloomy when January rolls around.