Friday, December 24, 2010

Jess at Jess Hearts Books started this and I stole it from GReads :)

1.) Favorite holiday destination?
I've never been anywhere on Christmas before but I have been places for Christmas. If I had to pick one I would have to say Disneyland! When they dress that place up for the holidays it's extra magical!

2.) Favorite ornament or decoration?

I don't really have one... my mom use to have these "singing bells" when I was younger. I loved those! I'd follow the lights under the bells when it was their "turn". I don't know whatever happened to those...

3.) What are you doing for the holidays?

Same thing I do every holiday. Stay home, wait til Midnight, open gifts with my family then head over to my husband's mom's house and open gifts over there!

4.) Are you a late or early Christmas shopper?
Early! I'm like my mom when it comes to things like this... I have to get things done early!

5.) Who usually cooks holiday dinners?

We're not big on holiday dinners. But if anyone does cook anything, it's my brother.

6.) Do you live where it snows?
No :-( and this makes me very sad.  People who get snow tell me I'm crazy & to be lucky that I don't have it.  Having an actual winter would be nice though!  Wearing short sleeves & flip flops on Christmas just doesn't seem right to me & never has. << OMG! Same here! People always tell me I'm crazy because I want snow. I've never seen real snow in my entire life! I think I'm entitled to want to see it!

7.) One thing that makes you happiest at christmas?

Being with my family. Especially when my cat decides to stay home that night too :) and my husband being there. I don't know why, sounds cheesy but it makes me fuzzy.

8.) What do you want most for Christmas?

Nothing really. I have pretty much everything I want :)

9.) What's your favorite holiday drink?

Remy Martin and Coke :) it reminds me of the holidays for some reason... other than that... I never had a Peppermint Mocha til this year (I know right?) and I'm obsessed with the ones from Seattle's Best!

10.) Favorite Christmas song?

"Baby It's Cold Outside" the Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey version!

11.) Favorite Christmas film?

A Christmas Story! My all time favorite Christmas film. And also Serendipity.

12.) Favorite Christmas book?

I don't have one :( I was hoping to do a little mini challenge with myself but that didn't work out. I got the books but not the time lol. There's always next year!

13.) What is at the top of your list this Christmas?

Isn't this kinda like the other question? Am I missing something?

14.) What is most important to you about the holidays?

Family. Getting all my holiday-ish stuff done on time (I'm constantly trying to beat time). I'm hoping next year I get to actually enjoy the holidays instead of stressing over things! Last year was my wedding, this year is moving across the country. Booo.


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