Sunday, November 7, 2010

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Top Five Shows That Got Cancelled

Who isn't sad that Boy Meets World is cancelled? I actually miss the whole TGIF line up. OMG, who remembers TGIF? And One Saturday Morning?! Oh, my childhood!

I don't know if anyone remembers this show, but it was about a girl who was like, half alien and she talked to her dad through this crystal cube thing and she could freeze time by touching her index fingers (that is probably thee longest sentence I've ever written). I use to love this show. I don't exactly remember why at this point, but I just know I did!

Rocko's Modern Life! Another childhood favorite! I don't know why I liked this show so much, husband and I watched a few episodes on Netflix last month (they have childhood shows on Netflix!! Now if only they'd get Boy Meets World...) and it was kinda dumb. So was Ahh! Real Monsters. Isn't it funny how if you watch something now, it's not as funny as you thought it was when you were like, 10? lol. But I loved Spunky!

This show was so short lived. It only had one season. A lot of people thought it was stupid but I actually enjoyed it! Penn Badgley is popping up in everything I watch. I didn't notice he was from The Bedford Diaries until I looked it up and saw his character photo. Then again this was a year before Gossip Girl came out.

This is probably one of the cutest show's I've ever seen! I was sad to hear it was being cancelled! I remember the episode where Oliva sings "Hopeless Devoted To You" and wondering if she ever considered a career in singing. This was years before I discovered Wicked lol. 

Are there any shows you miss that have been cancelled?


  1. I was heartbroken when they canceled Pushing Daisies! I have both seasons on blu-ray though, and they are just gorgeous to watch--me and my kids still watch them pretty often! I loved Olive---my favorite song that she did on the show was "Birdhouse in your soul" (it was actually her and Ellen Greene). I was glad she got to sing pretty often on the show!

    I remember Out of this World! That was a fun show. :D

  2. Two shows that I loved were canceled: Ruby and the Rockits and 10 Things I Hate About You. A lot of my friends thought they were stupid, but I loved them! And I also liked the show My Life as Liz on MTV, and I think that one got canceled, too. *sigh* lol :)

  3. I haven't watched most of these series but I was so sad when Pushing Daisies was cancelled.

  4. Awesome list! I LOVED Pushing Daisies!! and Rocko was super awesome!

  5. I was SUPER depressed when they cancelled Boy Meets World. I absolutely love that show. I remember when ABC still had T.G.I.F. and Boy Meets World was on. Now they released like the first 2 or 3 seasons and are like refusing to release the rest. Sad day :( Love your list though!

  6. I remember TGIF!!!! You Wish, Teen Angel, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Boy Meets World, and I know there was a few others but I don't remember. Me and all my friends would sit around the tv all night eating ice cream and watching the line up. Good times.

    I'm also depressed about Pushing Daisies. 1) Lee Pace was hott in the show 2) It had Jim Dale as the Narrator!!!!