Friday, November 5, 2010

I know I'm super late in posting this! I got my Spooky Swap a few weeks ago and I'm excited to share what I got!

Ah! I feel so spoiled! I got Bad Girls Don't Die which my husband picked up first when I poured all the things out of the bag. He always picks it up and flips through it in the bookstore and I always say how creepy the cover is lol. I got Casper (my favorite childhood movie! Thank you!), Peeps (which I've never had, can you believe that?!), nail polish and a nail polish pen (which I've wanted forever!), a notepad, a booklet of stickers (I love stickers!), and a ton of swag.

Thank you to Sarah from Addicted2Reading! Omgosh! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I feel a little bad I didn't get my swap buddy more stuff. I wasn't expecting to get so much. I tried to cover every point though. Ah, sorry! This is the first swap I've ever done.

Thank you to Inked Books for hosting!


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