Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Control by Kayla Perrin
Release Date: August 15th, 2010 by Spice
Details: 352 pages, paperback
Series: No
Source: Netgalley (Thank you Netgalley!)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Summary (goodreads):
Their romance was a modern-day fairy tale: handsome older millionaire falls hard for struggling young waitress. Robert swept Elsie off her feet—and into his bed—put a huge diamond on her finger and spirited her away in his private jet destined for happily-ever-after.

Eight years later, Elsie Kolstadt realizes the clock has finally struck midnight. The five-star restaurants, exclusive address and exotic vacations can no longer make up for Robert's obsessive desire to control everything about their life together. From her hairstyle to her music playlists, Robert has things just the way he wants them. No matter what.

But it's Robert's ultimate, unforgivable manipulation that finally shocks Elsie into action. Though divorce would strip her of everything, she can't live under Robert's roof any longer. Making her decision easier is Dion Carter, a high-school football coach with a heart of gold and a body of sculpted steel. Suddenly Elsie is deep in a steamy affair that could cost her everything—because Robert will stop at nothing to keep Elsie under his thumb.

o0.| My Thoughts |.0o

Drama, Drama, Drama! This is what I love about erotica's, there's so much dang drama!

In the beginning, I felt bad for Elsie. She was faithful, honest and she put up with her husband and his stupid attitude the best she could (she had far more patience than I will ever have). She is passionate about her floral shop and she didn't care about her husband's money. And I really admired that about her. I shouldn't say "in the beginning" because really I felt bad for her through out but... well, let me explain.

I totally agree that Robert's secret was a total deal breaker. I don't think she was overreacting one bit. She had every right to leave him. Not to mention her realization of the way he really treated her through out their marriage. And especially for the way he was acting at The Melting Pot. I wanted to grab her out of my Nook and take her there my damn self, The Melting Pot is delicious! I think she made the right move to move in with her friend.

However, I think she rushed into her new relationship far too fast. I know she was fantasizing and all that for a really long time about Dion but I think jumping into a new relationship the day after you leave your husband is fast. And even if she didn't think so, she could had at least laid low for awhile. With everyone's warnings about Robert being a powerful man, flaunting Dion was not a good idea! I didn't agree with her friend Treasure's actions at the party, but Elsie had that comin. 

I hated Robert. I think hate is an understatement. He just made me sick! I can't stand people who are so control hungry that they set out to ruin other people's lives and can't grasp the fact that SHE DON'T WANT YOU! He sits there and says sorry but we all know he's not cause he turns right around and does something else equally stupid. She should had pushed him off the boat when she had the chance! 

I did enjoy reading this book even if it made me mad half the time but it's like watching a movie where you're screaming at the girl to JUST RUN. Except I was screaming at my Nook lol! And it made me glad I didn't marry my control hungry abusive boyfriend. He woulda been pushed off a boat. Or car. Or bus. Whatever!

Even though I did enjoy this read, I don't see myself re-reading it. I also didn't think the steamy scenes were steamy enough and there weren't that many. But man was there drama to take its place!

o0.| Favorite Line |.0o

I glared at him. If looks could kill, he would have dropped dead. 
- Pg 140

"He's straight, Spike."
"Oh, I know that, honey. He was looking you up and down like you were a hot, buttered biscuit."
- Pg 179


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