Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well, I feel lame. I wasn't aware that today was Veteran's Day.

But, I do want to take the time to say Thank You to all of those who have, who are and who have attempted to serve their country. 

My grandfather was a sailor when I was born, I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I do know my mom grew up without her father being around most of the time. He would tell me stories about wars he's witnessed and the jobs he did on the ship. Of course, I was really young at the time and never really thought about it. It wasn't until now that I wish he were still here, so I could ask him more questions about his experience.

Last year, my husband enlisted into the United States Air Force. This time last year he was in Basic Training and it was the first time in our whole five years together that we were that far apart from each other. Unfortunately he was discharged exactly one week before graduation because someone decided to misdiagnose a medical injury. But within the time he was there, I learned so much about the military life. About the sacrifices other people have made, and all the things you never really think about. Sadly I never got to see my husband in his uniform or his blues but he did bring me back his uniform hat. Smells just like... sweat lol. Even though he didn't graduate, I'm still so proud of him for even attempting to go, he has much more courage than I do!

I have many friends in the military in all branches. Some who have been deployed multiple times and every time I'm happy they're home and safe. My best friend who is in the Army was deployed and I can't tell you how worried I was the whole time he was in Afghanistan for nine months. I'm happy he's home and he's safe and I'm hoping he won't have to go back. 

So thank you, to all the men and women who have the courage to do what others (like me) can't do. I admire you all!
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