Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sweep Volume 1: Book of Shadows, The Coven, Blood Witch by Cate Tiernan
Release Date: Sept 2nd, 2010
Series: Yes, Sweep series
Source: Borders
Rating: 5 out of 5
Summary (goodreads):

The first three Sweep books bound into one gorgeous edition at a fabulous price! Morgan Rowlands never thought she was anything other than a typical sixteen-year-old girl. But when she meets Cal, a captivatingly handsome coven leader, she makes a discover that turns her whole world upside down: she is a witch, descended from an ancient and powerful line. And so is Cal. Their connection is immediate and unbreakable; Cal teases out Morgan's power, her love, her magick. But Morgan discovers too soon that her powers are strong-- almost too powerful to control. And she begins to suspect that Cal may be keeping secrets from her . . . secrets that could destroy them both.

o0.| My Thoughts |.0o

I didn't get to finish this bind up like I had hoped to before having to write this review, but it was incredibly important for me to make sure I did write this review, memory refreshed or not.

I read the Sweep series for the first time last year, around this time. While my husband was away at Basic Training, I finally had peace and quiet to finally read! And it was this series that got me back into reading again. So in that sense, this series will always have a special place in my heart. And besides that, it's a pretty awesome series!

I could related a lot to Morgan. I grew up Catholic but I never really thought I fit in there, it just never really felt like it was for me. I was always interested in Greek Mythology and their goddesses and gods, ironic. A few years ago, I decided I didn't want to be Catholic anymore. I was looking into Wicca and Paganism, my mom questioned me about it about a year or so ago and she was not happy when I said I was Pagan. He exact words were "You're lost. It's not nice to hear that, you need to find yourself." I was offended, but I expected her to say something like that. So I could imagine how Morgan feels about her parents not wanting her to dabble into Wicca. And like her parents, mine won't hear me out. And while we're still on the subject of her parents, I think keeping a very important secret from her was just wrong. Not to mention the way they reacted!

I'm not a fan of Bree, I think she's incredibly selfish and self absorbed. She just, annoys me.

I love the twists and mysteries in this series, it always gives me anxiety, but good anxiety! I do highly suggest this series, it's a great read and cover a religion that I think is commonly misunderstood!

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  1. i agree im totally in love with this book. all the romance, betrayal and suspense. im only on the 6th book, but so far im hooked.