Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning
Release Date: August 10, 2010
Details: 384 pages, paperback // 378 pages, paperback (ARC)
Source: Publisher (Thank you Sourcebooks!)
Series: Book #1 of the Sinners on Tour series
Rating: 5 out of 5
Summary (goodreads):
The first in a new erotic romance series, Backstage Pass is a sizzling mix of sex, love, and rock n' roll It's been months since Brian Sinclair, lead guitarist for the famous rock band, Sinners, composed anything. Unable to write the music that once flowed so naturally, Brian is lost without his musical mojo. But when sexy psychology professor Myrna Evans comes on tour to study groupie mentality, Brian may have found the spark he needs to reignite his musical genius. When lust turns to love, will Brian be able to convince Myrna that what they have is more than just a fling, and that now that he's found his heart's muse, he doesn't want to live without her?

o0.|  My Thoughts |.0o

Backstage Pass rocked my socks off (pun totally intended)! 

Myrna irritated me in the beginning, I mean I'm all for a strong and independent character but it just irritated me how she acted like she knew the guys. Silly reason, but honest! She grew on me after awhile though, especially after knowing her history. I really liked Brian (and hello! Isn't Sinclair a sexy last name?), I loved how sweet and protective he is over Myrna and how he you could tell he was really into her. I loved how close the band are to each other (I never know if I should write it as past or present tense lol) and how they look out for each other.

Backstage Pass was an addicting read, I'm not a huge fan of rock bands but this really held my attention. I don't know what took me so long to read it! The sex scenes were hott! When people say that the scenes were hot, they were not lying! The passion between Myrna and Brian was obvious and made you wonder how Myrna couldn't see it! Eric was my favorite out of all the band members, he has a cute younger brother vibe to him and we share a common interest: banging our head on walls/tables lol. 

Backstage Pass is an addicting read of two people who have been burned before in the past and letting go of their hurt and their fears and learning to trust again. I absolutely enjoyed every page of this book and I can't wait to read the rest of the series (even though Sed isn't my favorite band member lol).

o0.| Favorite Line |.0o

Eric touched the small of Myrna's back, as if trying to protect her from impending doom.
"Just because you're popular doesn't mean you're talented," Malcom said, scowling.
Eric's fingers gripped the back of her jacket.
"They don't make music like they used to," Malcom added.
"I mean Sed doesn't even sing," Malcom said. "He just screams and growls."
Eric's fingers gripped Myrna's jacket even tighter.
- Pg 299

"Damn," she muttered under her breath.
Brian dropped a pan. It clattered across the floor. He gaped at her instead. "Did you just say 'damn'?"
Her eyes widened and she shook her head vigorously. "No. I said pan. You dropped your pan."
"I dropped it after you said damn."
- Pg 318

*Thank you again to Sourcebooks for the opportunity to review this book!

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  1. I really want to read this now. XD I'll be putting this on my wishlist. Great review! :D