Friday, August 20, 2010

I know I've been a bit MIA this week... my parents went on vacation and I took it as a chance to finally get some cleaning done (I'm more productive when people aren't home). So I swapped my summer clothes for my fall ones (I'm so excited! I love fall) and I cleaned off two book shelves in one of the bookcases in the room. So now I have two shelves with my books on them! Finally they're not piled up everywhere. But even then... I still have a good amount of books piled up and not to mention books still in bins in my room. I'm starting to think I have a series book buying problem... yeah... lol. I told my husband I have almost 200 books in my TBR list and he freaked out, now I'm limited to only buying five books a month LOL! I guess I deserve that haha! As long as I get my Aug 31st releases, I'm happy!

So aside from trying to figure out how to de-clutter this room and make room for my books on the shelves, school is still kicking my butt. We have our last class for this current class on Monday (and two essays due, talk about going out with a bang)! Buttttt.... we got straight into another writing comp class! Seriously, all these writing comp classes are getting on my nerves! It's always so stressful *sigh. I think the most stressful part is that every teacher is different... so one will want one thing and another won't... and since the classes are only five weeks long (each), it's hard to remember who wanted what and who didn't. Oh University of Phoenix why couldn't you believe in vacations?!

I have a few reviews that are going up this week (hopefully), let's hope I remember what I wanted to say about them! I know I missed Top Five Thursday yesterday, I was busy running around the house cleaning and doing laundry and everything. My legs and feet hurt! Why is cleaning always so tiring?! 

Okay, I'm done complaining lol. Now to get some reading done and finally go to sleep!!

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  1. I can't believe how many books are coming out on Aug 31st!! I know I've got my book shopping list ready for that day! is no fun. Glad to see you back again!