Saturday, August 21, 2010

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren!


  • Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin

  • Aphrodite the Beauty (signed)
  • Persephone the Phony (signed)
  • Athena the Brain (signed)

  • Daughter of Winter by Pat Collins
  • Dating Mr. December by Phillipa Ashley
  • Beneath the Thirteen Moons by Kathryne Kennedy
  • Another Pan by Daniel and Dina Nayeri

  • Beastly by Alex Flinn
  • Ruined: A Ghost Story by Paula Morris
  • 7 Souls by Barnanas Miller, Jordan Orlando
  • Stalker Girl by Rosemary Graham
  • The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien

*Thank you Candlewick, Sourcebooks, Joan Holub and Librarything!

What'd you get in your mailbox?


  1. wow, one awesome mailbox there :D

  2. Cool selection there...can't wait for your review on Another Pan. It's thicker than I imagined! *grins* I'm intrigued by it and have it on my tbr list. =) *waves*

  3. Great mailbox, I haven't read Beastly yet but I want to read it before the movie comes out. The other books you got sound good too. Happy reading!

  4. I couldn't reply on Youtube, so I'll comment here.

    @marielovesbooks Coolies! :) I love IMM posts in the form of vlogs, so keep that up. Oh, and since I'm a blogger too, and I love me some shameless plugging...

    Oh, and that's great that it is a sticker... it would be a shame if it were permanent. --> Here is what I got this week!

  5. The Goddess Girls books look so cute!

    I've heard Extraordinary and Ruined are amazing. Hope you enjoy them all :)

  6. Lots of great books this week! I've heard great things about Extraordinary and Beastly! I'm looking forward to your reviews! Enjoy!

  7. Great mailbox this week! Another Pan looks really good, and the goddess girl series looks cute! I'll have to check them out! Hope you enjoy all of the books you received this week! Happy reading! :)

    PS. I also haven't read The Lord of the Rings trilogy, though I do own them. :) I hear the dark side has cookies. ;)

  8. OOO, I got Extraordinary from LibraryThing, too!! :) Lots of great stuff, especially Ruined, one of my faves from last year.

  9. Great books! Have fun reading!

    Here's what's In My Mailbox


  10. Great stash of books this week. Hope you enjoy reading these :)

  11. Fun books you got in your mailbox. I want to read Beastly by Alex Flinn too, especially when the movie is coming out. ;) Enjoy the books you got.

  12. Great mailbox! So many wonderful books. Happy reading. :) My IMM Birthday Edition is here.

    From the Shadows

  13. Fun mailbox! I hope you enjoy Beastly. It is one of my favorite books. I'm interested in seeing what you have to say about it. Enjoy your books!

  14. Trippy background for your blog. I hope that you enjoy your books. Here is what I got IN MY MAILBOX

  15. Yay great mailbox this week, oh and by the way, I really like your new layout!
    Here's my IMM + a note on the Charity fundraiser and HUGE giveaway we're having :) It'd be awesome if you check out what the event is all about! Thanks so much!

  16. Great mailbox (and vlog). Love the titles. I loved Ruined. You should enjoy it. I am curious about Beastly, I can't wait for your review.

  17. YAY! for some great titles there! I hope you enjoy reading each and everyone of them. :D