Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So, I have a problem.

I caught up on book reviews a few weeks ago and so I started reading more books, so I'd have more books to review... then I kept reading more books. I usually wait a day or two to write reviews because usually after I post them, I realize I wanted to write more. But now it's published and there's no reason to edit/add anymore. Well it turned into more reading and less reviewing. Now I'm behind a good amount of books and no matter how much I try to force myself, I just can't write a review. It's not that I can't, it just that I'm not in the mood to. Do you guys ever get this feeling?

I figure I should just enjoy reading books for now (it is, after all, for the most part summer vacation. Maybe that's where all this "lazyness" is coming from) and when I'm in the mood to write reviews again, I will. I'm just scared the stories will start to fade and jumble up if I wait too long. Or maybe I'll just force myself to write a review, ugh I don't know! 

I'm also considering putting myself on a book buying ban! But I think that's a bit harsh lol. Oh, can someone explain to me the concept of pre-ordering on Amazon? I pre-ordered a few things and they got here after the release date. For example, the Bree Tanner book just shipped to me this morning... and I pre-ordered it last month! Which is weird because I didn't pre-order "The Clearing" and it shipped to be before the release date (which I had no idea it wasn't even released yet). I don't know! This heat is making me feel... flimsy. Is that the word I'm looking for?

In happier news...

I got my Amazon Kindle today!!!! I'm so excited it's finally here!!! But I have to admit... the menu is really plain and where can I find my page numbers?! It's kinda weird... maybe it'll just take some getting use to... and yes, I'll be doing a review, once I get better acquainted with it of course!

And in random news...

I found a tick on my dog the other day. I was petting him like I usually do before the I leave the house and his ear flipped open (he has floppy ears) and I saw something like right outside of his ear canal and it was gray and it looked like a huge bump. Like a tumor almost. I screamed which startled him and I called my mom over there and showed her. I was freaking out thinking it was a tumor and it had like dried blood around it so I was freaking out even more! And my mom looks and she goes "Oh my gosh! It's a really big flea!" so she puts on gloves and pulls it off, like it's nothing. Filipino parents man, I swear, nothing scares them (like my dad grabbing and squishing a Wolf Spider like it was an ant, crazy). OMG. It was so disgusting. I wish I had taken a picture, I feel lonely knowing it's haunting my thoughts and no one elses lol. But seriously, it was gross. I told my husband later and he said it was a tick. So I googled and he was right. It was HUGE. Like if I had poked it with a needle, it would had popped. Which is weird cause I don't think he had it the the day before... and my mom gave him a bath a few days ago and she said she didn't see it then... he's never far from the house either. The only thing I could think of is that he got from our cat. Since she is an outdoor cat. And this wouldn't be the first time she's carried a tick if it was her. Goodness. At least she' short haired, I guess. Ugh. I hate animal bugs! I haven't played with him since. I know it's mean, but man... this is gonna take some time to get over!

Okay, that's all. Sorry for rambling, I just felt like I had to talk to someone! I feel better now :)


  1. I'm in the same boat you are when it comes to reading and reviewing!

    Congrats on your Kindle! I have the nook myself but I've already found that I've saved what I spent on it buying books in e-book format rather than book format.

    Sorry your puppy picked up a tick....They are YUCKY! My dogs usually pick them up when we go for walks.

  2. Ticks are disgusting and here, in the northeast US we have several kinds, 2 of the most common are dog and deer. Dog ticks are larger and they can carry some disease but deer ticks are the size of a freckle and carry lyme disease which is super-awful, nasty and dangerous -- potentially causing nerve and pulmonary damage. If treated immediately with antibiotics it is curable. JUst about everyone I know has been treated for it. There are special tweezers or tools for getting out ticks -- you don't want to leave a piece of it in there.

    Having already had an insect borne disease (dengue) I would prefer not to get another!

    Love my KIndle - I advise a ballistic case for protection.

    I know what you mean about not reading; I think I am antsy waiting for True Blood and New Moon.

    There are safe anti tick treatments for your dog -- it protects you too!
    steph@Stop over to

  3. ooh, i get that 'can't make myself write' feeling sometimes which is bad news for me as i am a writer! i just discovered your blog and i am so happy i did!

  4. zellie, my dear... you need to get a library card! lol

    and im gonna pretend that i never read the tick part of your blog. im also gonna pretend that even tho i didnt see it, it doesnt give me the creeps