Friday, April 2, 2010

The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott
Published: March 16, 2010
Details: Hardcover, 224 pages
Disclosure: Bought from Borders
Summery (goodreads):
Everyone knows the unwritten rule: You don't like your best friend's boyfriend. 

Sarah has had a crush on Ryan for years. He's easy to talk to, supersmart, and totally gets her. Lately it even seems like he's paying extra attention to her. Everything would be perfect except for two things: Ryan is Brianna's boyfriend, and Brianna is Sarah's best friend.

Sarah forces herself to avoid Ryan and tries to convince herself not to like him. She feels so guilty for wanting him, and the last thing she wants is to hurt her best friend. But when she's thrown together with Ryan one night, something happens. It's wonderful...and awful.

Sarah is torn apart by guilt, but what she feels is nothing short of addiction, and she can't stop herself from wanting more...

I'm sure at one point we've all had that friend. You know the one who gets everything they want... cheerleader, all the boys chase them around, popular, you know the kind that made you feel like you were the ugly friend when you were with them? And the one that experienced things at home that only you knew about, only you have seen, heard and experienced with them on really rough days. The friend who's abusive towards you because they're abused and really they don't know how else to treat people (of course, at the time you don't realize this and for some reason beyond yourself, you stay and convince yourself you're a good friend and put up with their abuse). The one who says they'll "talk to the guy you like for you and hook you guys up" and the next thing you know she's spilling her feelings for him out (though she's never met him in person) and you're on 3-way with them on Christmas Eve and she's asking him out right in front of your face (or rather in your ear). Now you're bound by some unwritten rule and for some reason they completely forget that you liked them first. I mean HELLO! How did you MEET him?! And they claim they're only looking out for you. Oh, so were you looking out for me when you were sticking your tongue down... never mind. No? Was it just me? Oh.

Well, The Unwritten Rule is kinda like that. Sarah and Brianna have been best friends since they were in kindergarten and they've also been friends with Ryan for a very long time. Ryan had originally asked Sarah to the dance in the 8th grade, and from what I collected, is what started the whole Ryan/Sarah deal. And Brianna? Well she just gets every guy she wants. Brianna has trouble at home, a lot of dysfunctional trouble and it clearly explains why she acts the way she acts and why she treats people the way she does. Things between Brianna and Ryan start to fall apart, and with good reason. She treats him like crap! Then again, she treats everyone like crap.

You can't help but feel for Sarah and her torture. When I first started reading this book, I thought it would be another high school drama book but I suddenly found myself glued to it because you can easily relate to the characters. You can easily relate to Sarah and you're screaming for her to get a grip on herself through out the book... maybe that was just me, again. You can easily relate to Brianna in a sense, because the poor girl has been through enough as it is and you can relate to Ryan and how torn he must feel through out the whole thing. The characters were strong, and I don't say that often because I don't feel that way often. But I felt like I was right there with them. Watching all of this stuff happen.

I honestly think, that anyone in high school should read this book! The truth is, sometimes friendships will be broken and maybe those friendships weren't meant to be. Sometimes the boy you were looking for has been in front of you all along and sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in even if it means hurting your "best friend" (who honestly, probably wasn't much of a best friend when you really look back on all of it).


  1. Great review! I cannot wait to read this book :)

  2. sounds like a great story..i would love to read this one's like what everybody's waiting for..=p

  3. This book sounds really good! Great review! I am a follower of your blog now. :)

  4. Fantastic review. I just got this from the library and I'm really looking forward to reading it.

  5. Great review. I think I will try to find a copy of this one somewhere. While it has been forty forevers (and that many years) since I have been in high school, I think you are right - everyone has been in that position. On one side or the other.

    Stopped by on the Blog Hop. Hope you will come to visit.