Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My husband bought me an Amazon gift card for my birthday. So I used up $40 worth of it and saved the last $10 for this Wizard of Oz comic book I'm collecting since the one released for April wasn't going to be released until late April.

Well the product was listed today and so I went and tried to purchase it with my gift card, but it turns out... using Amazon gift cards is a one time use type of thing. 

I'm pretty bummed.

As much as I love Amazon, it would had been nice of them to at least warn you about this on the back of the gift card!
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  1. What?! You have to use it all at once in one go? That's CRAP. I'd be SO ANGRY!

  2. Oh, my. You should totally CALL or email amazon. My husband has when purchases go bad and they've always helped him out. That's really sad.

  3. It might already be applied to your account - if you go through purchasing and when it asks for payment see if you can apply the balance - if not I agree with Chelle - email amazon and kick up. Thats not fair

  4. @Bethany I was angry! Very angry!

    @Chelle Thanks for the suggestion, I emailed them and they responded this morning and explained everything.

    @Han I realized that the Gift Card was on my husbands account and he made a purchase after my present so it was applied to his next purchase. And it was actually more than I thought it was! Ack!