Friday, April 23, 2010

I got this idea from Steph and I thought it was really neat. Kinda like the #givemeacall topic on twitter. Just to make it easier on me, I'm going to assume I'm talking to my 16 year old self in April (of 2001 if you're curious to know).

  • You're going to meet a boy who is going to completely flip your world upside down, and I don't mean that in an entirely good way either. It will be blissful, but it will be just as painful.
  • But don't worry about the painful part, good things come of it. You'll realize that a ton of people care about you.
  • You know, still speaking of said boy, maybe you should lay off being so possessive... just sayin. Boys like video games, it's not cool that you keep calling his house phone to kick him off Counter Strike.
  • And StarCraft? You won't believe me when I say this but... it'll end up being one of your all time favorite video games. Don't look at me like that!
  • You'll get kicked out of high school. Yes, mission accomplished. And it will be wonderful
  • Your chic best friend? You'll still think she's a whore 9 years from now not only that, but everything you defended her by, by saying she wasn't a whore would be a lie. Seriously, she's a whore.
  • Your "godsister" will use the hell out of you, abuse you and ditch you. Run. Now. Tell Mae and maybe the two of you could come up with some super fool proof way to run away while you both still can!
  • You know how that boy? When 9/11 hits (we'll talk about that later) him and his best friend will assume they'll be shipped off to war. Wanna know the funny part? They eventually don't but you strongly consider enlisting, multiple times in your life.
  • You don't get your license this year, sorry. 
  • You don't move out at 18 either, sorry.
  • 17 will be the hardest year of your life. And guess what, they won't care. He is still put above you. But don't worry about it! You'll come out stronger and happier (and broker but hey, life isn't perfect).
  • It would be nice if you would admit that you're addicted to smoking, face it. You can't quit whenever you want to because you're in denial! And that girl you're hanging out with? She's using you.
  • Joey ends up being your best friend at some point. I know! Crazy right! That's what I said!
  • You won't believe me but, depression will be over in a few years and something else will totally wreck your life instead. But hey, at least it's not depression right?
  • You'll meet a boy, randomly and the friendship between you two will be amazing and heartbreaking. 
  • I'll tell you a secret. You get married. Yes, you do. No, I'm not lying. No, why would I joke about this? You get married and you'll realize why it never worked out with anyone else. Life won't be blissful and picture perfect, but you will be happy. Honestly and truly happy. Just hang in there, I know this year sucks for you. But it'll be okay. Promise!
  • Oh and lastly, you know that game... DDR? You'll get the hang of that eventually. It's okay to look like a lost idiot in public!
What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?


  1. Lol, this was so great-I loved it. Especially the one about the video game.

  2. That is great! There is so much advice I would give my 16 year old self but there is no way you could pay me to go back to being 16 years old LOL :)